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Tea Point Leak Detection Kits

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A complete water leak detection system supplied in kit form that’s ideal for use in offices and commercial buildings. Identify water leaks quickly from tea points, coffee stations and kitchens.

Comes complete with:

Alarm panel,

A choice of 3m liquid sensing cable or mini liquid sensing probe,

Either 15mm or 22mm solenoid valve for automatic shut-off of water supply,

Choose the most appropriate option for your premises.

For larger leak detection systems, installation and commissioning support, please contact us.

For large quantities, help with installation or specification, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


Eco 1 Alarm panel Features & Benefits:

The EcoLeak Single Zone leak detection alarm panel from Aquilar is an affordable leak monitoring solution for commercial or residential properties and is commonly installed in environments such as plant and boiler rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and air conditioning/fan coil unit drip trays.

Use this kit to monitor for water leaks. The Eco 1 alarm panel can provide an automated audible alarm and has visible status indicators via its LED light indicator panel.

Product code: 6124

EcoLeak Water Sensing Cable 

The EcoLeak sensor cable detects water leaks at any point along the cable length. When used in conjunction with the Eco 1 alarm panel, the cable senses the presence of a water leak, triggers an alarm and indicates the zone location of the leak.

The cable for this kit is a 3 metre length but lengths up to 30 metres can be used with this alarm panel and can be bought via the shop.

The conductive-polymer technology and fluoropolymer construction make EcoLeak sensing cable mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The cable is constructed of two sensing wires embedded in a fluoropolymer carrier rod. The alarm module constantly monitors the sensing cable for continuity. The rugged cable construction exposes no metal, and enables the cable to be dried within seconds and re-used. It is easily mounted onto walls or other flat surfaces and provides simple, yet effective, warning of leaks via an audible alarm and visible LED.

The EcoLeak product range is available from leading manufacturer’s Aquilar. Trace Heating Supplies is an approved distributor of Aquilar leak detection products.

Product code 6600

AquiTron AT-MPS-R Mini Water Probe

Primarily designed for small area detection in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, below showers and cisterns, within boiler rooms and bunded areas and drip trays. A cost effective solution for low point water leak detection.

  • Compact size ideally suited for small shallow locations.
  • Low profile design.
  • Detection between 1.5 & 2mm depth of water (can be adjusted to 0.9mm).
  • Dries quickly after being removed from water.

WRAS Solenoid Valve 

We offer a range of water leak detection isolating solenoid valves which are fail-safe, normally closed valves – meaning it is closed in an unpowered state. In an emergency situation, it is possible to manually override this and open the valve without power.

This kit includes the option of 15mm or 22mm solenoid valve with AC power supply.

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Download Datasheet – Eco 1 Alarm Panel

Download Datasheet – EcoLeak Sensing Cable 

Download Datasheet – Mini Probe

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