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Trace Heating Applications

Trace Heating Systems can be used in all manner of properties – from domestic homes right through to commercial offices, warehousing, and industrial plants. Learn more about trace heating cables, tapes, and other accessories for different applications.

The Benefits of Trace Heating

Reduce running costs

Increase efficiency

Reduce risk of damage from adverse weather

Regulate temperatures within pipes and vessels

Minimal maintenance

Long-lasting components and guarantees

Trace Heating will prevent adverse weather causing unnecessary damage and disruption to pipes. Our pipe frost protection cables use low-wattage energy efficient power that’s self-regulated to stop pipes, sprinkler systems, water pumps and fuel oil lines from freezing. Select options of trace heating for water pipes suited to commercial, domestic and hazardous industrial premises. Contact us for pre-made kits or browse our self-regulated cables and accessories.

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance Systems (HWAT) provides the comfort of instant hot water. Trace Heating is an environmentally friendly and economical solution to save water and energy, efficiently working within water distribution networks to maintain a constant water temperature. Ideal for use in commercial properties, our nVent RAYCHEM self-regulated cables can also prevent harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

Electric snow melting systems prevents the build-up of snow and ice and so are ideal for use on driveways, ramps and walkways where access can become restricted or dangerous in adverse weather. Concealed within concrete, asphalt or sand based materials, its smart control systems ensure easy energy-efficient operation that’s maintenance free for many years. Automatic temperature monitoring will activate self-regulating electronic heating cables beneath the surface to gently heat the area.

To find out more about the benefits of snow melting systems, Contact us for a tailored quote.

We offer a reliable and flexible ice melting system that’s ideal for use on roofs and gutters. nVent RAYCHEM’s self-regulating cables only use power when the temperature falls below your selected range so they’re incredibly energy efficient and are made using proven hardy components to withstand extreme weather conditions. Select IceStop self-regulating trace heat tape to ensure free-flowing drainage from gutters and downspouts. Ideal for commercial and industrial properties, you’ll get a 10-year guarantee as standard but we expect your system to last for many years longer, requiring very little maintenance.

Controlling the temperature of liquids is a critical part of the manufacturing process. Used in pipes, vessels and tanks, Trace Heating temperature maintenance systems prevent process issues relating to condensation, crystallisation or fluid viscosity. Liquids can be kept at precise temperatures with thermostatic control panels and state-of-the-art integrated systems that can provide early warnings for preventative maintenance measures. This highly effective and energy-efficient heat management system will help to avoid production downtime and machinery maintenance, keeping operations running smoothly.

Our nVent RAYCHEM Trace Heating cabling range has options specifically designed for hazardous areas and high heat intensities – up to 537 °C exposure and 343°C temperature maintenance. Designed for intensive industrial use, with lifespans expected to last for many decades. Most commonly used as frost protection to protect essential utilities or as process temperature maintenance. 

CompEx qualified in-house designers and installers are on hand to help you with this ATEX compliant Trace Heating. Contact us to arrange a personalised quote for this service.

For a customised quote, technical support or help with design, installation, or commissioning please call 0203 876 5940 or contact us.

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