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Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection is an essential requirement in many commercial and industrial environments for the Health and Safety and protection of personnel.


Monitor gas escape to protect people and save energy costs.

Minimise risk and maximise safety with Gas Detecting equipment

As part of the Diamond Controls Group, we offer a wide range of gas detecting equipment – from regulation compliant gas alert single channel panels to individually specified multi-gas automatic isolating systems that are used in hazardous areas. Our solutions will help you to monitor harmful gas levels, gas escape and shut-off systems when required.

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection
Hotel gas detection

One of the most popular forms of gas detection is to monitor refrigerant gas leakage from systems such as air conditioning units in hotels and offices.

Our BREEAM accredited refrigerant gas leak detection system can help you achieve credits for POL 1 as part of your building’s assessment. This specifies that a permanent automated refrigerant leak detection system should be installed for areas such as air conditioning units.

Typical Gas Detection System Applications



Boiler & Plant Rooms

Commercial Kitchens


Food Processing & Manufacture

Chemical Processing


Our Products

We only use quality products from leading manufacturers who are specialists in their field including Medem, GfG and Aquilar AquiTron. Our range includes products that will detect gases such as Carbon Dioxide, O2, Methane and refrigerants.

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