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DigiTemp Thermostat – Ambient or Pipe Temperature Sensing


The DigiTemp is a robust, permanent display control device designed to safeguard your trace heating installation against fluctuations in temperature. It is fully programmable for temperature range, contact action and switching differential giving great flexibility. Thermostatic control for ambient temperature monitoring or line sensing on pipework. Please select the preferred thermostat and whether a pipe mounting support bracket is required.

For large quantities, help with installation or specification, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


The IP65 sealed waterproof sensor can be supplied in ambient or pipe sensing format and a 110V version of this thermostat is also available. We can also provide a volt free signal for a ‘power on’ indication.
Programmable memory with special access to retain upper and lower temp limits and hysteresis.

Key features:
Compact and easy to use
Highly visible
Accurate to within 1°C
Adjustable settings

Display: 0.24 in. (6.0 mm)
nominal Range: -50°C to 109°C (up to 150°C on request)
Accuracy: +1°C
Resolution: 1°C
Sensor: PTC 1000 2 wire and shield
Operating Temp: -10°C to + 60°C
EMI Conformity: To IEC 801
Power Range: 20A/240vac
Consumption: 2va
Enclosure: IP67, Polycarbonate with clear lid
Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm x 100mm
Entries: 6 x 20mm pre-pressed knockouts (or 4x25mm pre-pressed knockouts to order)
Junction Box: 3 heater outputs with earth braid block 1 volt free connector block for ‘heater on’ indication

This temperature sensor has the option to include a support bracket. 

Stainless steel support brackets used to fix equipment such as thermostats or junction boxes on pipes or cable trays. Can be used to pipe mount the following controllers: AT-TS-13, AT-TS-14, HWAT-ECO V5 and RAYSTAT V5.

Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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