Frost Protection Trace Heating Kit

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Pre-Made Trace Heating Kits for frost protection.

Pre terminated and tested trace heating kits ready for installation upon delivery. Our custom-designed kits are bespoke to the needs of each individual application and will therefore vary in price, please contact us to find out how we can help you. Kits will typically have a delivery timescale of 3-4 working days as they are made to order.

As an example, a typical trace heating kit to protect against frozen pipes could include products from our nVent RAYCHEM product range such as:

  • XLTrace 10XL Cable
  • Raystat V5 Controller
  • Rayclic CE-02
  • Glass Tape
  • Warning Labels

For large quantities, including over 100m of cabling, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


We can provide an all-in-one, fully ready and working system, pre-terminated, tested (with certificate included) and tailor-designed to suit your needs.

Due to the bespoke nature of this product, our price is dependent on your requirements and a custom quote will be provided.

Kits typically include:

  • Heating cable for either hot water maintenance or frost protection.
  • Suitable thermostat/controller.
  • Terminated power connector.
  • Test certificate.
  • Fixing materials.
  • Warning Labels.

Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet for XL Trace

Download Datasheet for Raystat V5 Controller

Download Datasheet for Rayclic CE-02

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