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HARD-69 RAYCHEM Spare Sensor AT-TS-13 & AT-TS-14


Spare Sensor for Thermostat AT-TS-13 and AT-TS-14

Part No: 133571-000

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Spare Sensor for Thermostat AT-TS-13 and AT-TS-14

Type: PTC KTY 83-110

Sensor Cable Length: 3m

Sensor Cable Diameter: 5.5mm

Sensor Head Diameter: 6.6mm

Sensor Material: PVC

Max Exposure Temperature: 80 Deg C

The sensor cable may be extended to a maximum of 100 m using a 2-conductor wire with a cross-section of 1.5 mm2. The sensor cable should be shielded if it is laid in cable ducts or in the vicinity of high-voltage carrying cables. The shield of the extension cable should be grounded at the controller end only.

Part No: 133571-000

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