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HTV Self-Regulating Heating Cable


nVent RAYCHEM HTV self-regulating heating cable is designed for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels up to 205°C continuously, with a maximum exposure temperature of 260°C. At least 95% power retention after 10 years. Power options range from 3 W – 20 W. Nominal power output for 3HTV2-CT: 9 W/m, to 20HTV2-CT: 64 W/m

Price per metre.

Minimum order quantity: 10 Metres. Price is per metre.

Use the quantity selector below to select the number of metres cable length you need. 

Please note: Lengths of cable will be sent in one continuous roll whenever possible.

For large quantities, including over 100m of cabling, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


The HTV cable has a solid construction with a high power retention (HPR) heating core and pressure extruded electrical insulation. It is then integrated with a robust metallic braid and a chemically resistant fluoropolymer outer jacket.

High power retention (HPR) heating core.
Power retention: At least 95% after 10 years
Design life: 30 years or more depending on application
Simplified design in hazardous area: T3 and T2
Longer circuit lengths due to larger cross section conductors
Fast installation: cut-to-length, multiple overlaps allowed, meter markings, user-friendly connections kits
Safe and efficient in operation: no overheating, uniform pipe temperatures, energy saving technology.

Product codes:

3HTV2-CT (3 W) P000004319 

5HTV2-CT (5 W) P000004320

8HTV2-CT (8 W) P000004321

10HTV2-CT (10 W) P000004322

12HTV2-CT (12 W) P000004323

15HTV2-CT (15 W) P000004324

20HTV2-CT (20 W) P000004325


Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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