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Roof de-icing system protects heritage site

roof and gutter heating

Ice and snow melting systems are ideal for use on all types of commercial buildings, but they are particularly popular with heritage properties.

The self-regulated systems are specifically designed to prevent the build-up of snow and ice, avoiding the risks of ice dams and blockages caused by freezing weather conditions. As the ambient temperature falls, power output increases, heating the area to ensure free flowing melted water through gutters and downspouts.

Using roof and gutter deicing cables such as nVent RAYCHEM’s Ice Stop alongside a temperature and thermostat controller like the Raystat-M2 can provide electric roof ice and snow melting that’s reliable, low cost and energy efficient.

National Trust Property

We were recently commissioned to conduct a maintenance survey for a National Trust property before the winter months take full effect. The fabulous Castle has an ice melting system to protect the large roof’s integrity during harsh cold weather.

Although heat trace systems are incredibly reliable and durable, we would recommend an annual service to monitor performance and ensure a system is in good working order.

heat trace

Using specialist thermal technology we conducted checks across the whole system and added a few modifications to ensure it’s working to its total capacity with no cold spots or ineffective cabling.

What are the benefits of roof deicing cables?

  • Keeps gutters and downpipes free-flowing, protecting against building structure damage
  • Prevents icicle formation and snow avalanche
  • It’s virtually maintenance free and hardwearing with an expected lifespan of many years
  • It removes the need for corrosive salts etc.
  • The heat trace cables are thermostatically controlled to automatically activate when temperatures reach low levels and so do not need monitoring
  • The products are cost effective and it’s running costs are efficient too

How does it work?

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