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HWAT energy efficiencies for Student Building

Norwich University of the Arts

A brand-new state-of-the-art eight storey combined academic and student residential building has been completed for Norwich University of the Arts. As part of the new development, Diamond Controls was appointed to deliver the supply, design and commissioning of an HWAT trace heating system.

Utilising a combination of direct electric heating, high efficiency heat pump tech and ventilated with heat recovery units, this new facility has a lower dependency on carbon producing plant, making it the ideal solution for student accommodation.

Diamond Controls worked in conjunction with the Eyre Group on the project, providing a comprehensive service that included complex drawings and heat loss calculations. This also involved the supply, installation and commissioning of over 600 metres of HWAT-M cable and the provision of two nVent RAYCHEM Eco Control Panels.

Trace heating installation

Diamond Controls Project Manager, Paul Davis, explains, “This was a fantastic project to work on and a perfect illustration of how single pipe systems can be used, particularly in a shared residential property such as apartments or hotels. HWAT trace heating is a low energy, highly efficient solution that will ensure instant hot water to the building, reducing water wastage and improving consistency of hot water delivery across the facility.”

Implementing HWAT controlled services can have an energy saving of up to 50% and a notable reduction in the total energy used in a building. 

By using a single pipe system, compensation for heat loss is only needed for the feed pipe and there is no power required for circulation pumps. As a result of no cold water coming into the boiler, the heat-up process is much more efficient. 

Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption? Learn more about HWAT trace heating or contact us to request a quote.

Trace Heating Supplies is part of the Diamond Controls Group, authorised distributors of nVent RAYCHEM trace heating products.

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