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New nVent RAYCHEM Temperature Control Cable

New HTV Cable launched and available to buy online.

As an authorised distributor of the world leading electric trace heating specialists nVent RAYCHEM, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new high temperature HTV heating cable, specifically designed for the precise requirements of temperature maintenance in industrial operations.

Years of intensive research and testing have led to its introduction to the worldwide market. Using proprietary high power retention (HPR) technology, the self-regulating electric trace heating cable is guaranteed to offer supreme performance with unparalleled levels of power output reliability during its operational life. In fact, it has been tested to deliver a minimum 95% power retention after 10 years of operating at maximum temperatures and has an expected life of 30 years or more. This far exceeds other similar products on the market and offers our clients fantastic lifetime value for a reliable, long-term temperature maintenance solution.

What are the benefits of the HTV cable?

  • High power retention (HPR) heating core
  • Power retention: At least 95% after 10 years
  • Design life: 30 years or more depending on application
  • Simplified design in hazardous area: T3 and T2
  • Longer circuit lengths due to larger cross section conductors
  • Fast installation: cut-to-length, multiple overlaps allowed, meter markings, user-friendly connections kits
  • Safe and efficient in operation: no overheating, uniform pipe temperatures, energy saving technology
  • Reliable during long life: 10 year product warranty available, maintenance free

What is the specification of the nVent RAYCHEM HTV cable?

The HTV cable can be used in both T3 and T2 classed environments as it has a continuous operating temperature of up to 205°C, with a maximum exposure temperature of 260°C. There are seven power variants at 120V and 230/240V.

Made of solid construction with a high power retention (HPR) heating core, the HTV cable has a pressure extruded inner insulation jacket that is integrated with a hardwearing metallic braid and a chemically resistant fluoropolymer outer jacket.

Larger cross section conductors allow for the HTV cable to be supplied in longer circuit lengths making it ideal for industrial and manufacturing processes.

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To read the datasheet and see available wattage options, shop for HTV cable and other Industrial Trace Heating Solutions including accompanying accessories.

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