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SBS-XX-EV Control Panel for Roof & Gutter De-icing


nVent RAYCHEM SBS-XX-EV-10 control panel provides an integrated solution for nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cables in roof and gutter de-icing applications.

For large quantities, including over 100m of cabling, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


The SBS-XX-EV offers multi-circuits, multi-sensor, and multi-control with integrated electrical protection. Driven by the built-in smart
nVent RAYCHEM EMDR-10 control device, it allows the system only to be activated when cold weather and moisture
are detected in combination. A 400 VAC (3 phase) supply is required.


  • Simple and fast connection of multiple circuits, directly into a single panel
  • High capacity, with 3-12 maximum circuit lengths connected into the panel
  • Fully integrated system: all connections, circuit protection and safety devices integrated into the panel
  • Energy saving: through built-in EMDR-10 smart controller, circuits energized only when cold weather and moisture are
  • Reliable, complete system from one manufacturer and specifically designed for roof and gutter de-icing systems
  • Reliable during long life: 6 year extended product warranty available, maintenance free

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SBS-XX-EV Datasheet

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