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Trace Heating for State-of-the-art Police Station

Broadland Police Station

A brand new police station in Norfolk has recently benefited from energy-efficient trace heating products as part of a five-year modernisation programme to bring “policing into a digital age”. As part of the development, heat trace products for frost protection and hot water distribution were installed by Trace Heating Supplies’ parent company, Diamond Controls.

The Broadland Gate Police Station is a central hub for detective investigators, crime scene investigation, safeguarding and other departments.  The facility spans several buildings and is one of a number of investment projects under the Norfolk 2020 programme.

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance (HWAT) Trace Heating replaces the need for traditional recirculating systems and keeps water at a consistent temperature. It has several benefits including offering improved water safety, reducing water consumption, and lowering energy costs through its efficient self-regulating operation.

Diamond Controls specified nVent RAYCHEM’s HWAT-R trace heating cable to maintain the pipe temperatures of the hot water system. With a proven useful lifetime in excess of 40 years, it will maintain hot water pipework at a constant temperature by being positioned on the underside of the pipe beneath cable insulation. The hot water temperature maintenance system automatically compensates for pipe heat losses where they occur, providing continuous, energy efficient, hot water.

The HWAT-R heat trace cable is accompanied by the nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-ECO-V5 Electronic Controller which enables the ability to control the temperature of the cable, run heat-up cycles, input energy saving times and more.

The police station complex also benefits from frost protection solutions across key areas. Pipe freeze protection ensures critical services are not damaged or obstructed during the winter months. Self regulating heating cable is applied directly to exposed pipework with thermostatic controls ensuring the system operates only when the ambient temperature falls below pre-determined levels.

Diamond Controls provided a complete turnkey service for the project with its experienced project managers and installers involved in the specification, supply and installation, commissioning and certification of the entire site.

Police and Crime Commissioner Giles Orpen-Smellie said, “The new station is an important step toward what I describe as ‘Green Policing’. All the materials used were sourced and delivered to site in ways that minimised carbon emissions. The building will operate going forward with a wide range of green features. Future proofing is not just about sustaining the Constabulary’s policing services but also about playing our part in the wider green agenda.”

Diamond Controls is a specialist in the provision of Trace Heating products and Leak Detection systems, and an authorised distributor for nVent RAYCHEM, a market leader in Trace Heating. Its head office is based in Norwich and services are offered across East Anglia, London and the South East.

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