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HWAT-R Heating Cable


Raychem HWAT-R Self Regulating Cable

• Designed and qualified specifically for use on hot water systems
• Tested and approved to IEC 62395 and IEEE 515.1
• ISO-9001 registered
• Proven useful lifetime in excess of 40 years
• 10 year warranty

Price per metre.

Minimum order quantity: 10 Metres. Price is per metre.

Use the quantity selector below to select the number of metres cable length you need. 

Please note: Lengths of cable will be sent in one continuous roll whenever possible.

For large quantities, including over 100m of cabling, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


A self-regulating heating cable designed to maintain the water temperature of hot water distribution pipe networks.

HWAT-R is designed mainly for commercial properties such as hotels, hospitals and care homes. It will maintain hot water pipework at a constant temperature of 60 degrees C, by being positioned on the underside of the pipe beneath cable insulation. It’s used as part of a single return pipe system.
The hot water temperature maintenance system automatically compensates for pipe heat losses where they occur, providing continuous, energy efficient, hot water.

• Nominal voltage – 230 VAC
• Nominal power output – 12 W/m @ 70°C
• Maximum circuit length – 100 m
• Circuit breaker type/size – Type C/max 20A
• Braid coverage – 80%
• Min. bending radius – 10 mm
• Max. exposure temperature – 85°C
• Max. exposure temperature (power on) – 90°C
• Legionella thermal shock – Yes

Product code: 266435-000

Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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