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SBS-XX-HV-ECO-10 Control Panel for Hot Water Temperature Maintenance


The nVent RAYCHEM SBS-XX-HV-ECO-10 control panel for hot water temperature maintenance systems provides a
totally integrated solution for the control of RAYCHEM self regulating heating cables for single pipe hot water temperature
maintenance applications.

Please contact us at Trace Heating Supplies if you require assistance in designing your SBS-XX-HV-ECO-10 Trace Heating system. We can provide technical expertise in ensuring you have the correct components for your installation.

For large quantities, including over 100m of cabling, contact us to discuss contract pricing and credit accounts.


The control panel comprises the energy efficient HWAT-ECO control system with integrated
standard, economy, and “Tap time” set-back timer functions. The control panel also includes monitoring of the boiler output
temperature and low temperature alarm in the event of low boiler output temperature. SBS-06-HV-ECO-10 and SBS-09-HV-ECO-10
also includes an integrated time shift logic module for phased switch-on of the heating circuits to prevent in-rush surges when
the circuits are activated.


• Integrated electrical safety, control, and heater connection of
multiple heating circuits from the heat tracing manufacturer
• Alarm function for system monitoring
• Boiler monitoring sensor for low temperature alarm.
• Integrated control unit HWAT-ECO v5

Technical Data:

  • Control: HWAT-ECO Smart control device, pre-installed and electrically connected
  • Supply voltage: 400V (3 Phase)
  • Circuit voltage: 230V / 50/60Hz Customer specific (quick and easy menu driven set-up)
  • Sensor: Boiler output temperature sensor (Line sensor) NTC Sensor
  • Panel approval: CE (Approved to IEC61439)
  • Main switch: 32A-63A
  • RCD: 30mA
  • Line circuit breakers: 20A (Type C) per heating circuit
  • Selector Switch: Auto / Manual heating circuit mode
  • Alarm function: 1 general potential free alarm contact; alarm light indicator on panel front

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SBS-XX-HV-ECO-10 Datasheet

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