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Buy Aquilar Leak Detection Kits Online 

Aquilar Eco 1 leak detection system buy online

We’re delighted to announce that you can now buy a range of water leak detection kits and accessories from the market-leading manufacturer, Aquilar, in our online shop.

The range includes the flagship EcoLeak Eco 1 leak monitoring panel that can be bought by itself well as being part of a ready to install kit. In its kit form, you’ll find the Eco 1 single zone alarm panel, 10 metres of leader cable and a wide selection of EcoLeak sensing cable lengths. Also available are mini probes and solenoid valves.

For water leak monitoring of tea and coffee points and kitchen areas in commercial buildings such as offices, we have also added a tea point leak detection kit to our shop.

The Aquilar EcoLeak Eco 1 is ideal for smaller commercial or residential dwellings and is commonly installed in environments such as boiler and plant rooms, washrooms and kitchens, and air conditioning unit drip trays. Used with either sensing cables or probes, the user friendly panel provides an audible alarm when leaks are detected. It’s able to monitor up to four probes or 30 metres of sensing cable and can be used to detect leaks of water, hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals.

Managing Director Iain Ames said, “We’ve been an authorised distributor of Aquilar products for many years and have found their EcoLeak range to be the ideal solution for smaller premises looking to ensure they have a reliable, high quality leak monitoring solution in place.

Adding leak detection products to our online shop is a natural progression of our extended range of services following the successful launch of our new ecommerce brand, Trace Heating Supplies at the start of this year.

Our continuing focus on the requirements of our customers means that we’ve been able to adapt to changing market needs, and this has led us to launch an ecommerce solution. As part of our ongoing development, we’ve also invested in our commissioning and design services. We, of course, are still committed to providing a complete turnkey solution including installation for commercial, industrial and residential developments.”

Diamond Controls has been established for over 20 years and provides a wide range of leak detection solutions and trace heating applications. To view a full range of products to buy online visit the shop.

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