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Pre-terminated Trace Heating Kits provide easy installation

Trace Heating Kits

If you’re considering buying and installing Trace Heating yourself, a Trace Heating Kit is an easy and affordable way to take full advantage of this innovative electronic heating technology.

Contact us for a custom quote for frost protection kits or hot water maintenance trace heating kits.

Perfect for installation by an electrician or non-specialist contractor, and ideal for smaller areas, our nVent RAYCHEM kits include pre-terminated cables and all the components you will need for installation. You can also purchase an installer tool kit to have access to all the tools you need for a straightforward install. They are available in a wide variety of cable lengths and power specifications, with options for RAYCLIC power connections. In addition to the core products, we also supply accessories required for a successful installation in your kit such as glass cloth tape and warning labels.

Most commonly, heat trace kits are used for frost protection of pipes and hot water maintenance systems. We also prepare packaged products at pre-terminated lengths for requirements such as roof and gutter deicing cables, and temperature maintenance systems for pipes and vessels.

What are the benefits of pre-terminated kits?  

Trace Heating kits provide suppliers and installers with a pre-configured heater unit complete with cable termination and cold lead cable.

Less installation time

  • Pre-terminated lengths of cable supplied, including a LSZH cold lead. Multiple cable lengths can be installed within a much shorter timeframe
  • No on-site terminations result in less specialist equipment and testing required

Product Quality

  • All kits come complete with a testing certificate from authorised nVent RAYCHEM distributor

Storage and warehousing

  • Pre-terminated lengths make for easy inventory management by removing the need to cut and spool loose cable

Water Leak Detection Kits

Another kit offering from Trace Heating Supplies is a water leak detection system. Choose a standard tea point water detection kit with automatic shut-off solenoid valve and either a mini-probe or 3 metres of leak sensing cable to monitor water leaks in offices or commercial buildings. Each system comes complete with the Eco-1, a single zone alarm panel from Aquilar EcoLeak. In addition, an Eco-1 leak detection kit is also available to buy online, with options including up to 30 metres of sensing cable.

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