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What are the best trace heating accessories?

Trace heating accessories

Heat trace systems are an essential addition to many commercial and industrial buildings. They’re also widely used in residential developments such as apartment blocks. The electric cabling is the main component but there are many essential accessories required to complete a safe and consistent installation. We’ve covered some of the most popular nVent RAYCHEM products available to help you determine what are the best trace heating accessories for your install.

Trace Heating applications

Trace Heating cable can be used as part of hot water systems as an energy efficient solution to regulate the temperature of water supplies in buildings such as hotels, hospitals and other commercial properties. It’s also commonly used as frost protection for pipes and can be used in processing to manage liquid temperatures in vessels and pipework. This heat management solution is hardwearing, reliable and has extensive energy-efficient qualities.

So, what accessories do we recommend if you’re planning to install Trace Heating?

Cable Stripping Tool

heat trace stripping tool

The nVent RAYCHEM cable stripping tool is used when preparing self-regulating cables like the HWAT, XL Trace,  BTV, and QTVR ranges. Self-regulated cables can be cut to required lengths and this tool is easy and fast to use to provide a safer and more reliable cable termination, preventing damage to the heat trace cable.

RayClic-CE-02 Mechanical Power Connection

Raychem RAYCLIC CE 02 Power Connection Accessories Trace Heating Supplies

The nVent RAYCHEM RayClic CE-02 power connection can supply power to one heating cable and comes as a kit that also includes an end seal and a pipe mounting bracket. It has a 1.5m power cable fitted for a quick three-step installation process that will reduce Trace Heating installation time significantly.

Also available are the RayClic-PS-02 splice connection kit for supplying power to two cables and the

RayClic-PT-02 tee connection kit to supply power to three cables.

Mechanical End Seal

Raychem RAYCLIC E 02 Mechanical end seal Trace Heating Supplies

The nVent RAYCHEM RayClic-E-02 is an essential part of your tool kit when undertaking Trace Heating installation. It’s a simple, fast and reliable connection device used with heat cables such as the XL-Trace and HWAT-R self-regulating cable. There is no need for specialist tools and it provides a rugged, waterproof and UV-resistant enclosure that is IP68 rated.

Heat Shrink End Seal

Raychem E 20 end seal Trace Heating Supplies

Another commonly used accessory is the nVent RAYCHEM E-20 end seal. This end seal kit uses heat-shrinkable tubing with an adhesive that when heated forms a semi-flexible moisture proof encapsulation.

Take a look at some of the other heat shrink options we have for different cables, exposure temperatures and splice requirements.

Glass Cloth Tape

GT 66 Glass Cloth Tape Trace Heating Supplies

The nVent RAYCHEM GT-66 Glass Fibre Adhesive Tape is used in the installation of heating cable to pipework so it’s one of our best-used accessories. This product is not suitable for stainless steel pipes – for this application, choose GS-54.

Need help specifying your project?  

We’ve covered just a small selection of the nVent RAYCHEM accessory products available to support the safe installation of Trace Heating cabling. So, if you’re looking for extra support and help when specifying your project, speak to us about our Design, Training and Commissioning services.

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